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novelty documentsmain online business organisations, our organisation        ( Novelty Documentation Express) is made of specific IT experts and information base professionals with practical experience in the creation of outstanding documents,We produce genuine registered documents which are legally used. ( Novelty Documentation Express) is an agency that acts in the best interest of its clients with a degree of loyalty, faith, integrity prudence and wholly dedicated to the beneficiary’s interest. With Novelty Documentation Express respect is earned, HONESTY is appreciated, TRUST is gained, and LOYALTY is returned. We have a group of IT professionals and data base technicians operating worldwide with practical experience in the creation of outstanding documents, We issue database registered documents that are registered into the system and bypass all police and custom check points.


Our work force is composed of a committed team of result driven experts, available to assist you with document formalities, procedures & problems. We are truly a service entity engaged in the business of providing full range passports, diplomatic passports ,new bio-metric passports, driver license, identity cards, visas,green cards,resident permits, Social Security Cards/Social Security Number,Adoption Certificates,Birth Certificates,Baptism Certificates,death Certificates,Custom Certificates, Business license.,marriage Certificates, Original IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL CELTA/DELTA and other high school diplomas degrees,Bank statements, gun permits, and many other documents assistance to our clients. We have years of experience of providing competent, efficient, reliable and personalized service to our clientele. We produce both genuine and novelty documents, we work with numerous embassies, consulates, immigration services, transport offices, secretariats that authenticate the information we forward to them in their respective databases. With countless years of expertise in travel, identification and citizenship services we help people with difficulties in obtaining state document.

We process legal documents for all countries worldwide for countries like Canada, USA, Australia, Germany,Poland, New Zealand, UK, Belgium, Brazil, Finland, USA, France, Australia, Israel, Mexico, Netherlands, Canada, Italy, Germany, South Africa, Spain, United Kingdom all EU countries, South Africa and other parts of the world.

novelty documents

Our Services

Novelty Documentation Express has been intended to add evaluation to the organisations and lay a solid way for an organised advancement. Its clients appreciate significant lift in adequacy levels, adaptability, reduction in operational expenses, and relentless client encounter . Our splendid administrations will avoid every one of your issues that rotate around owning a genuine international ID, visa, birth endorsements, confirmation, birth declaration, driver permit, ID cards and allows for some nations. Indeed, even be it changing your nationality, or critical prerequisite of work papers, or essential testaments required for movement, you have drawn nearer at the ideal place where you?ll get quick arrangements of every one of your troubles.

Novelty Documentation Express is a quickly developing independent gathering of committed IT specialists just as information base professionals who are radiantly capable in creating important quality declarations and documentations, and other sort of essential items in many number of nations around the world, including United States, Canada, Germany, Brazil, Italy, Mexico, Spain, Switzerland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Belgium, Spain, Israel and Finland, and so forth. They offer quick arrangements that approve ventures to vivaciously direct business methodology, work powers, collaborations and unmistakable administration the board levels.

List Of Some of Our Services

  • Buy Novelty Documents
  • Buy Real / Novelty Passports
  • Buy Real/Novelty Id Cards
  • Buy Real/Novelty Drivers License
  • Buy Fake Documents
  • Buy SSN/SSN
  • Delete pass records  from all database

Some Other Services We Offer


We produce High quality and Authentic Degrees and Diplomas. We produce Registered Degrees and Unregistered Degrees.


Our experts can provide to you, your lost certificates or related proof of knowledge documents. Discover the variety of services we offer.


We Produce and register Passports in the database of Most European, American, Australian countries and the US.


We produce high quality drivers license, ID card, PRC, CC and we are connected with Most government officials of most countries for database authorisation and registration.


Our team will answer all your questions and find solutions for any issue and provide you with original , signed professional documents from any country or nationality in the world.

Different Various Services

Genuine Database Registered Documents likewise offers a rundown of different administrations for their customers that cover making of cards, for example, United States cards, International cards, Canada cards, Student cards, Private cards; authentications, for example, Birth declarations, Death endorsements, Adoption testaments, Divorce testaments, Baptism authentications, Marriage authentications, Custom testaments, Trade Skill authentications; recognition and degrees, for example, High School certificates, G.E.D. recognition, Home School confirmations, University degrees, College degrees; and some extra administrations including Driver License Search, Social Security, Validation of SSN Number, Spy Products, Invisible Ink, Listening gadgets, Background check, Voice chargers, and Investigation.

Why Us?

Since most recent 19 years,  Novelty Documentation Express with their enormous experience have turned out to be effective in producing reports to their clients and customers. They make genuine 100% unique reports, recorded in information base framework, that have basic security includes and are acknowledged in all spots, and furthermore counterfeit unregistered archives that have security includes and can be really valid. In reference to this, the proprietor of Legit  Registered Documents speaks:

Our Company goes for giving elevated requirement of documentation benefit arrangements and make the best stage that would ensure a flat out client communication the board. We serve the best client prerequisites and are at their administrations every minute of every day at whatever point they get in touch with us for their questions, on the grounds that each call for us is of high esteem.